Reach Program

REACH is a program that serves students in grades 6-8. Founded in Hutchinson, MN, the REACH program is slowly becoming a staple program in many schools across the state. Focusing on students who need additional support academically and socially/emotionally, our REACH program has two sections in each grade with numbers ranging between 10-12 students per section. REACH stands for Relationships, Education, Accountability, Character, and Hard Work. Students set weekly goals personally and educationally. Weekly grade checks are also a part of this program. Run by a teacher and a full-time Social Worker, these two ladies create  families within our school!

Advisors - Nate Gendron:
                  Isaac Toenjes:

AVID Program

AVID is a college readiness class that helps students strengthen their basic skills, teaches and reinforces habits that will make students more successful in the classroom. AVID guides students in their education and career journey. In addition, students will have the chance to do community service, visit colleges, and explore college and career opportunities.This class does require students to submit an application and space is limited. Students that are interested in taking their education to a higher level should stop by a counselor's office to pick up an application.

Advisor - Sarah Hunst:

Husky Pride/PBIS Program

Husky Pride is Owatonna Middle School’s variation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). The Husky Pride team is made up of staff volunteers who are committed to creating activities and opportunities to enhance our positive behaviors and show our school’s “Husky Pride”!  The team has designed two all-school celebrations, one in December and one in June where students engage in a variety of on-site and off-site activities. Additionally, the team has created a set of March Madness challenges to create unity, teamwork, and friendly competition among our Husky Connections groups.  The challenges are competitive and also raise awareness and money for causes that impact our community. Husky Pride continues to evolve from year to year, moving closer to a vision where the positive behaviors outlined in our building-wide matrix come to life in everyday actions from our students and staff.

Advisors - Katie Haberman:
                  Amanda Flohrs: