The Owatonna Middle School Student Council is a group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students elected by their peers and faculty recommendations.  The Student Council plans and prepares OMS Activity Nights, participates in local fundraising efforts, leads their peers in several school-related extracurricular activities, and serves as the voice of their student body in inciting changes in school culture. Each year, Student Council hosts four Activity Nights for their peers, collects money, food items, and winter clothing for those in need in the community, and attends leadership conferences to network with surrounding schools’ leadership organizations and further hone skills necessary for 21st century leaders. 

The election process typically begins in early April, during which time students will gather recommendation letters from teachers, coaches, and other adult mentors. After the initial nomination process and student interviews, the student body votes for their class representatives in the middle of May. 

In preparation for each new school year, the OMS Student Council meets in late August as a means of team building, goal setting and planning the year's events. 

Students are expected to be committed to the organization and attend all meetings and events unless they proactively communicate with advisors and/or class officers.

Advisor - Abby Olson:
                Shannon Prostrollo: